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Google Glass Demo at SXSW, the Future RIght in Front of Our Eyes 

This SXSW Google Glass demo is something else. Wearable devices will be a thing in the not-so-distant future, and Google is a pioneer in this movement, alongside other notable players such as Apple & their wearable watches and Leap Motion, just to name a few.

Oh, and when Google isn’t evolving Google Glass, or self-driving cars, their developing an Android-enabled talking shoe “…as part of a thought experiment on how wearable technology could interact with the human body and with the Internet.”

The exciting thing about Google’s Project Glass is that it’ll usher in a new type of photography with more emotion, and a more personal story told through the eyes (pun intended) of the photographer. It’s easy to instantly connect with the photo above. It’s a raw emotion that is hard to capture with a cellphone, digital camera, or even through the magic of photoshop. I cannot wait until this comes out.


In the past week, I almost made the switch to an iPhone…

My Moto Droid 1 is still working. Albeit a bit sluggish at times, it gets the job done. However, my only gripe with it is its camera. It sounds lame because I really love my SLR camera and want to take some photography classes in 2012 and invest in some accessories (yada, yada, yada) but I love capturing those unique moments that require a mobile picture to be taken. A clear mobile picture, to be more precise.

My hopes were riding high on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Two key features I drooled over were the NFC integration and the higher camera MP. The promise of what NFC can deliver on, beyond mobile payments, fascinates me. It’s what I (we?) always wanted out of Bluetooth and then some. Bundle that with stable photo software options and a higher MP size and I would’ve been set for at least another two years.

Of these two key features in my purchasing decision, I understand that NFC will need some time, maybe years, to pick up steam and (sadly) the MP in the Galaxy Nexus is the same MP of my Moto Droid 1. Now, I liked the photos my Droid took but I wanted to upgrade. I don’t feel that a 5MP camera is much of an upgrade, if at all an upgrade at all. 8MP was the number I was looking for. You know who has an 8MP camera with rich features and apps? Yeup…

In regards to NFC technology, I’m pretty certain that Apple will launch their iPhone5 with NFC, or a similar patented type of technology, in the next year. This is one rumor I truly believe in, and when it does come into play, it will give this type of near-field technology a generous spike in proliferation, which will thus open up to wider uses. That’s just how Apple rolls. (Or rolled?)

Lastly, there’s this je ne sais quoi about Android / Google that I just love. It’s more than loving the brand itself, it’s the customization that I love. The integration of all their major Google service offerings are things I interact with just as much as the other couple apps I use on a daily basis (Foursquare, TweetDeck / Twitter, Facebook, RunKeeper, Pulse, etc…). Other than that, I’m not a huge app guy and I don’t really play that many games to make me make the switch.


Let me be honest though. The bottom line, regardless of how I spun this post boils down to NFC. Yes, the technology is years before getting any type of mainstream (mobile) attention but that’s the type of stuff that I love. That early-adopter syndrome which makes you want the latest shiny object because there’s something that fascinates you (not because it’s “new" per se). It inspires you to think about possibilities. I want a career within mobile, so it lends itself perfectly to that as well. 2012 looks to be a big leap in the devices we interact with, and the "Internet of Things" will continue to evolve into the things we interact with everyday. I will probably be the dad that buys a programmable stove which calculates the food your cooking, send it to some website to capture and calculate my eating habits. (I’m OK with that!)

In the past week, I almost made the switch to iPhone, but my heart is still with Android / Google. There’s no doubt that Apple has created one of the most important devices in our lifetime, and even continued to do so with the iPad. I would never criticize anyone who has an iPhone. If anything, I think it’s kinda cool the way Apple integrated a really technical device, polished it up, and served it to the masses in a beautiful UI. Kudos, Apple.

Me? I’m still standing by Android / Google. There’s so much promise in the Google brand that goes beyond their Android phones. It’s the way Google’s services are so deep rooted into Android is what’s keeping me. Plus, I really want to play around with NFC :)

Google Maps (6.0) + Google Wallet = Match Made in Heaven

Imagine utilizing the recent Google indoor map while shopping at a retail shop (eg. MACY’S). Now, you’re searching for a gift for a very special person. You’re presumably running Android, since that’s the only OS that’s running this feature, and next thing you know you get an alert as you’re walking past the electronics isle. You check your notification panel and you spot it’s a Google Wallet alert - “Take 25% off when using Google Wallet on any electronics purchase.”


This is another great way that Google can look to integrate their suite of services into the retail experience.

Adoption will take time, but look at where we are now. There’s nothing holding this type of experience back. It’s only a matter of time.

"meet android"

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