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Mar 14

Not too shabby. Good spot in line to see Samsung’s announcement. Eye scrolling feature??  #TheNextGalaxy #UNPACKED  (at Radio City Music Hall)

Not too shabby. Good spot in line to see Samsung’s announcement. Eye scrolling feature?? #TheNextGalaxy #UNPACKED (at Radio City Music Hall)

Mar 11

Google Glass Demo at SXSW, the Future RIght in Front of Our Eyes -

This SXSW Google Glass demo is something else. Wearable devices will be a thing in the not-so-distant future, and Google is a pioneer in this movement, alongside other notable players such as Apple & their wearable watches and Leap Motion, just to name a few.

Oh, and when Google isn’t evolving Google Glass, or self-driving cars, their developing an Android-enabled talking shoe “…as part of a thought experiment on how wearable technology could interact with the human body and with the Internet.”

Mar 08


Mar 07

Happy 8 year anniversary to me #advertising  (at G2 NY)

Happy 8 year anniversary to me #advertising (at G2 NY)

Feb 10

Twitter & Hashtags

Hash tag #wegetit

— Emma Z (@spigotZ) February 11, 2013

LL Cool J just did his third hash tag monologue, while holding a cell phone.

— The FADER (@thefader) February 11, 2013

hashtag stop talking about hashtags, LL Cool J #grammys

— refinery29 (@Refinery29) February 11, 2013


— Joshua Topolsky (@joshuatopolsky) February 11, 2013

Hashtag twitter jumps the shark

— Teresa Gorman (@gteresa) February 11, 2013

Good grief, stop trying so hard with the “social media” #Grammys! Just let it be.

— Cesar Razuri (@CeaseTheDay) February 11, 2013

Feb 05

Instagram Should Redesign Their Web-based Feed Design

Remember when Twitter attempted to introduce advertising on the iOS Twitter app? The term “Dickbar” was coined by John Gruber. (BTW - this phrase is a reference to Dick Costolo, CEO at the time, who tried to introduce a business model on the iOS, although some say double entendre.) Well, it failed and was quickly removed within a month it was introduced. This gave way for Twitter to introduce Promoted Tweets on mobile, which has proven to be a success on both mobile AND web. Good job, Twitter!

Today, Instagram announces a web-based feed that is to look similar to the mobile feed. Two issues I see with it: the consumer interaction, and the method to monetize. Let me explain…

Personally, I don’t think I’ll be using it often. Why? Well, from a consumption perspective, Facebook mobile = Facebook web, Twitter mobile = Twitter web, but Instagram mobile ≠ Instagram web. The content on Instagram is, how do I put this… too large? Links, status updates are simple decisions for me to make on mobile and web - view it or not, because it comes in appropriately sized modules that display to size within the mobile or web display I’m viewing it on. For an image stream that only feeds photos on a web display the way they’ve currently designed it, no thanks. 

One can argue, “Well - what about Pinterest? It’s technically a clickable image board.” To which I say, “BINGO!” 

If this web-based Instagram feed is going to take off on the web, it’s gotta take the small, modular mobile display everyone loves, and utilize the large canvas of a webpage to create, what I personally love, Pinstagram. Simple, simple, simple.

# # #

My last point is this. While we’d like to think this decision is consumer first, it’s not. There’s gotta be some sort of monetization that needs to happen. Let us not forget, this is Facebook, however, I think they can learn from a design like Pinstagram. If you can incorporate the least intrusive way to introduce ads by utilizing a large canvas with small modules, ads aren’t in my face. It’s subtle, and don’t require me to do something special to engage with it. I click on a thumbnail, I see the larger version. Simple as that.

Feb 04

Facebook’s Ambient Social App

This rumored Facebook app can, and will take ambient social mainstream (link). I like, and thought Glancee was neat as well, except what they don’t have, of course, is 500+ mobile users (link)… well, except Glancee by way of that Facebook acquisition (link). 

Jan 29


Vine, Vine, Vine, Vine, Vine. 

You know who’s kicking themselves? The guys over at, now defunct,

Dec 28


Oct 03

Facebook’s “Promoted Post” #2cents

If someone has something really important to say/post/whatever, and is willing to pay $7 for it to get promoted to the top of my feed, go for it. First posts, while being eye-catching, isn’t what Facebook is about to me. More power to them, though.

For me, and others I know, we create an imaginary bookmark when we’re on Facebook. You remember where you last left off and you scroll from top, to bottom. We’re not fans of “Top Stories” and always toggle to the “Most Recent” option.

The comments in this TechCrunch article bewilder me (some make me frighten our youth):

Facebook is a company, and they need to make money. Of all things they can do (and have done), this is probably one of the least-intrusive things that they could do to generate some $$$ off of these promoted posts. (#1 least-intrusive tactic goes to selling ad-space on the logged out screen. I found that both hilarious, and clever.) 

It will be interesting to see if there’s a way to limit these (per user?). Anyone know?